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Welcome to Reggae Reviews, a site dedicated to just what it says: reviewing reggae music .  I'm not an expert, nor do I have any special insider contacts in the industry;  I'm just a fan of the music.


Having searched endlessly for good albums, I came to realize how few resources there
  are for trying to figure out what is good. And, when I did trust the resources that I
  found (What choice did I have, eh?), I ended up not agreeing with a lot of their

 Thus was born Reggae Reviews, because I figure that the so-called experts are just
  fans with their own favorites, their own prejudices, their own opinions -- just like me. 
  So basically, my goal is to get more opinions out there, because the more resources
  there are, the more well-informed fans and potential fans will be to make good
  decisions on what to listen to.  I hate when I find resources that seem to say that
  everything is  good, so needless to say, I will trash some albums -- because I don't
  believe that you have to like something  just because everyone else does.  Certainly,
  not even Bob Marley turned out golden material all the time.  Since these reviews are
  my opinions (as all reviews are), they are subject to my prejudices and preferences,
  which I should disclose:  I enjoy roots reggae the most of any sub-genre, and thus I also
  like rootsy dub.  I used to be into dancehall more than I am, but I still enjoy some of the
  better, more inventive stuff.  Lovers rock is also very nice when well-  done, but can be
  cheesy if not.  I don't care for ska much, so you won't find much here.  You will find
  some rock steady, however, whose slower tempo is more to my liking.  I only review
  the albums that I have, so there will be some omissions and  imbalances based on my
  tastes.  I have over 1,000 reggae albums (plus some reggae books and reggae movies),
  so it will take some time to get them all reviewed.

  I will update this site as frequently as I can, so check out the What's New section  
  to see, well, what's new.  Also, you can search for specific artists, songs, albums, etc.
  on the Search page, and use the Reference page for links and other information
  you might find useful.  I use a simple 1 to 5 rating system, as detailed below:

  = X Amount of Niceness
  = Massive
  = Irie
  = Cho!
  = Dibby Dibby Sound